Build a first-class enterprise, make first-class products, do first-class service, and become an excellent enterprise with innovative spirit and keeping pace with the times

Company Profile

Foshan Nanhai Aodi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional company that integrates scientific research, manufacturing and sales of household sanitary insecticide series and household chemical products. The factory covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters, including more than 20,000 square meters of green area. The company insists on taking technological research and development as the guide, and constantly develops new products with high technological content. The first edible alcohol formula "Bolisha" and "Home Safety" insecticide aerosols launched in the early 1990s have been further enhanced with multiple unique functions-insecticidal and antibacterial, no oil stains after spraying, and fresh smell.

The products developed and produced independently by  reach more than 30 varieties in 5 categories.

[Baolisha] was named the first batch of [Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province]. Enterprises and scientific research institutions form strategic alliances to jointly solve the problems of technological innovation. Nanhai Aodi is now the scientific research base of the China Commodity Society, the post-doctoral research mobile station of South China Agricultural University, and the graduate research base.

 Nanhai Aodi Company was awarded the second-level measurement unit by Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision in 2008. In the early 1990s, it was already one of the top ten atmospheric aerosol manufacturers in the country. It is now a group member unit of the China Daily Sundries Industry Association (Household Hygiene and Insecticide Products Professional Committee) and a unit of the China Commodity Society (member, director).

■Business goals

To build a first-class enterprise, make first-class products, provide first-class services, and become an excellent enterprise with innovative spirit and keeping pace with the times.

■Corporate Philosophy

For our employees: We are committed to providing training and development, stimulating potential, respecting individuality, and giving fair treatment and remuneration. For our technology: We are committed to product research and development, and strive for perfection. For our products: We are committed to product innovation and transcendence, the pursuit of standardization of production, the maximization of the market.

■Service Concept

Customers are the foundation for the survival of the company, providing them with safe, reliable, value-for-money, and practical high-quality products to help them achieve a healthy, clean and fresh life. We have opened a service hotline 0757-85662808 to accept your various consultation matters.

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